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Breakaway World: The Pathfinder

The backstory to the series:

Breakaway World… This idea came to me years ago, and I mulled it over in my mind for two or three years before I began writing. I love a good mystery. And I love the mystery around UFO’s and aliens visiting the Earth. But as fascinating as it all is, I find the concept of aliens traveling light-years to Earth a bit of a large pill to swallow.

An alternative to that was the idea of a bronze age group of thinkers that might splinter off and leap ahead technologically if they could remain hidden from their war-like neighbors.

The initial concept began as the Anasazi, building their villages high among the cliffs. And since the Anasazi seemed to disappear due to climate change, it seemed likely that they might have migrated south, to the lush jungles of Central America .

The Olmec of Central America mysteriously vanished just before the rise of the Maya, so I built the story around those legends. I made the early Olmec begin as a splinter group of the Anasazi, comprised of their wise men and scholars. Thus, the most advanced civilization on Earth was born. By remaining hidden they would race ahead of the rest of the world, and I’d let them be a thousand years a head.

Might it be true? Maybe such a nation is responsible for the UFO phenomenon. Could it be that such a nation has infiltrated every nation on Earth, and like a puppet master, they control the world, gaining knowledge from their embedded spies, slowing the worlds advancements with antiquated methods of education, the absence of discipline in learning, and cultural conflicts?

This is how the Olmec became the ‘Breakaway World’ of the series. In my next newsletter, I’ll continue with some of the backstory of the characters.

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